Commentary 20 December 2022

Realizing a Feminist Foreign Policy Means Taking Internal (In)Security Seriously

It’s not enough for Germany to grapple with discriminatory and patriarchal power relations in foreign policy while leaving them unchallenged at home. A feminist foreign policy also requires domestic policy work.

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The Nowhere to Hide Podcast is now available in English and Arabic! It pieces together one of the worst crimes in recent history: the use of chemical weapons in the Syrian war.

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Three Key Lessons from Efforts to strengthen community protection in Iraq

A core task of humanitarian organizations: protect civilians from harm. How can practitioners do better? For one: Strengthen community capacities.


Lulas Amtsantritt: Brasilien ist wieder ein wichtiger Partner

Lulas ist zurück als Präsident Brasiliens. Der Besuch von Bundespräsident Steinmeier kann der Start einer vielfältigen Kooperation sein.


Protecting Civilians in Iraq

What can be done to increase the protection of civilian? Using examples from Iraq, this podcast discusses some preventive protection efforts that hinder future harms rather than mitigating the effects of past violations.

By Julia Steets, Zmkan Ali, Abi Watson, Delina Goxho

Eritreas Rolle im Tigray-Konflikt: Die Diasporasteuer finanziert den Krieg mit

Britische Parlamentarier fordern eine Untersuchung der Praxis. Auch in Deutschland wird die Abgabe erhoben – wenn auch informell durch Netzwerke.


Germany’s Unlearned Lessons

Because its economic ties to China are so deep and complex, Berlin must move forcefully to reduce dependence on Beijing. The risk of a war over Taiwan in particular leaves Germany dangerously exposed to economic coercion and shocks.

By Thorsten Benner, Liana Fix

Borders, Money and a B&B: The Global Compact on Refugees in Serbia.

What is shaping recent developments on refugee policy in Serbia? And in what ways is the European Union contributing?