Below, you will find some more information about our funding, how GPPi is governed, and how we are complying with German lobbying legislation.

Our Funding

At present, GPPi is entirely project-funded through project grants and contractual work. 

To preserve our intellectual freedom while forging partnerships with donors who want to support our work, GPPi applies the following four principles:

  1. GPPi values its intellectual freedom above all else and will not accept funding or rewards of any kind that seek to influence or control the direction, content, or findings of its research and projects.
  2. GPPi is committed to democracy, and we do not accept funding from any actor or entity that is anti-democratic or beholden to anti-democratic actors.
  3. GPPi does not engage in lobbying to influence specific legislation, will not arrange for donors to meet with officials, or accept demands that violate the institute’s independence.
  4. To ensure transparency, GPPi publishes an annual financial overview on its website and discloses all project funders.

For more information, see our Funding page.

Our Governance

Based in Berlin, GPPi is a non-profit organization under German law. Its legal form is a registered charitable association (“gemeinnütziger eingetragener Verein”). This status is granted by the German tax authorities to organizations whose sole purpose is to contribute to the common good without seeking profit. Registered charitable associations enjoy certain tax privileges and are subject to regular audits of their governance and finances.

For more information, see our Governance page.

German Lobbying Register Act

GPPi is an independent, non-profit think tank. Thankfully, the German government agrees with us that our mission to improve global governance through research, policy advice and debate is of special interest.” As of 1 March 2022, alongside many other research institutes, GPPi and its staff are thus prominently featured in the German lobby register and we are happy to comply with its code of conduct by informing you of our special status and our excitement to share and discuss our work.