Project 22 November 2023

ENSURED: Shaping Multilateralism for a World in Transition

The international order seems to be in crisis. How can the EU transform global governance to make it more robust, effective and democratic?

The 2023 – 2024 Global Dialogue Program

Alongside the Robert Bosch Stiftung, we are excited to organize the Global Dialogue – a parliamentary exchange that brings together policymakers from Germany, Australia and India to better tackle global challenges.

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Krieg gegen die Ukraine: Das soll ein Sieg sein?

Das Szenario eines Sieges Russlands hat hier aufgerüttelt. Es legt jedoch den falschen Maßstab an. Trotzdem braucht die Ukraine alle Hilfe, die der Westen aufbieten kann.


To Save Elections From Disinformation, Fact-Checking Is Only the First Response

The increasing number of fact-checking initiatives across Africa are crucial for providing credible and accurate information. But they cannot address the swelling tide of lies around elections by themselves.


Digital Threats to Elections in Africa

Free and fair elections are the cornerstone of democracy, but malicious actors are using digital tools to skew the polls. How can international actors help protect democratic processes on the African continent?


Close the Gap: How to Leverage Local Analysis for Stabilization and Peacebuilding

Without a granular understanding of the political dynamics at work in places where violence occurs, even the best-intentioned stabilization efforts may go wrong. Local analysis can help, but using it requires sustained investment.


Whose Bright Idea Was That?

How do think tankers know if they are making a difference? The short answer: most don’t, even though many think tanks are doing more to try to measure their effectiveness and impact. We propose a framework that can help organizations like ours better assess and perhaps even improve their work.

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EU Asylum Reform and the Western Balkans

The Common European Asylum system’s recent reform will likely lead to push-backs at Serbia’s borders. What can the EU do to help develop Serbia’s asylum system?