The Global Energy Challenge

Environment, Development and Security

Energy Challenge Goldthau
Source: Michael W. Wile / Flickr
Caroline Kuzemko, Michael F. Keating, Andreas Goldthau
14 Sep 2015, 
published in
Palgrave Macmillan
The Global Energy Challenge provides a comprehensive overview of today’s three most topical energy challenges, or the energy trilemma”: climate change, energy poverty and energy security. The book addresses the rise of energy geopolitics and the related concerns surrounding energy weapons” and the race for resources.” Also discussed is the appropriate role of markets, the subject of a debate that has divided advocates and critics of free market solutions to energy problems. The prospect of a low-carbon transition is analyzed in the context of inertia in the energy system and of debates on the role of technology and innovation in addressing energy problems. The book also considers shifts in global energy governance, such as the emergence of new global institutions, and the role of non-state actors, including business interests, in confronting energy challenges.

The book is now available from Palgrave Macmillan.