Stepping Up the Response to Humanitarian Crisis

Humanitarian Response Krueger Drc Report
Source: European Commission DG ECHO / Flickr
15 Jun 2015, 
published in
Danish Refugee Council

The need for faster, more coordinated responses to humanitarian crises has increased in the past decade. The Humanitarian Reform Process (the Transformative Agenda) has reinforced emergency response capacity at the global level and motivated NGOs to join the cause. The Danish Refugee Council has implemented a corporate emergency” modality, which has been initiated three times since 2014 and aims at a more effective and quicker response. In order to learn from its newly established emergency modality, each of the corporate emergencies has been accompanied by a real time review” to learn in real time” what works and what needs improvement. This evaluation brief compares the findings from the three real time reviews and comments on the usefulness of the review process to the organization.

The full report is available for download.