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Inji El Bakry is earning a master’s degree in economics and management at Humboldt University in Berlin. Previously, she was a research associate with the Global Public Policy Institute (GPPi), where she supported the institute’s work on peace and security and humanitarian action. Inji’s research focused on the usage of chemical weapons in the Syrian civil war, particularly the gendered effects of chemical weapons and their impact on social cohesion and community resilience. Her research interests include sustainable, local economic development in the face of globalization and the overlap of economic policy with long-term state security.

Inji received a bachelor’s degree in economics from Rutgers University (USA), where she also minored in political science and planning and public policy. Upon completing her degree, she moved to Beirut, Lebanon where she interned with UN-Habitat. During her internship, she analyzed ways in which different neighborhoods in Lebanon were affected by the recent arrival of refugees from Syria.

Subsequently, Inji worked for a quasi-government organization in Cairo that advised the Egyptian Ministry of Planning and Administrative Reform. Before coming joining us as an intern last fall, she was working with a fintech start-up, valU, a subsidiary of EFG Hermes.

Languages: English, Arabic

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