Feminist Perspectives for Supporting Ukraine

Translating Feminist Foreign Policy Into Action

Balbon Feminist Perspectives Ukraine 2023
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Project Duration

August 2023 – August 2024

Russia’s ongoing aggression against Ukraine has major consequences for Ukrainian society in all aspects of life – but, as so often happens, distinct parts of society experience the fall-out in different ways. These differences become particularly visible when looking at the gendered consequences of the war. While these dynamics are profound, they are not always fully understood, and therefore often remain unaddressed. This is also the case when it comes to the support provided by international actors to Ukraine.

To this end, GPPi has launched the policy brief series Feminist Perspectives for Supporting Ukraine” to delve into feminist analyses of Russia’s war on Ukraine and sheds light on what international actors can do to support Ukraine in a gender-transformative way.

We publish empirically-based policy briefs that each analyze a specific war-induced social problem and outline recommendations for feminist counteraction. To do so, we adopt a collaborative approach, combining the expertise of our project staff with insights from Ukrainian authors.

The policy briefs will be published here in both English and Ukrainian.

Briefs in the Series

Policy brief

Queering Displacement

Although international actors are already supporting IDPs in Ukraine, a particularly vulnerable subset – queer IDPs – have specific needs that are not being addressed. But there are clear opportunities to offer more targeted support.

By Maryna Shevtsova
Policy brief

Political Participation in Kharkiv

War changes the distribution of political power in societies. Ukraine has been no execption. How has the fight against Russia’s full-scale invasion affected the gender dynamics of political power in Kharkiv?

The project Feminist Perspectives for Supporting Ukraine” is supported by the Stabilisation Platform, which is funded by the German Federal Foreign Office. The opinions in these policy briefs represent the analysis of the author only.

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