Lea Korb

Research Assistant

Korb portrait 2024

Lea Marlene Korb is a research assistant at the Global Public Policy Institute (GPPi) in Berlin, where she contributes to the institute’s work on peace and security. Her research interests include international security with a regional focus on Germany and Afghanistan. Lea’s current projects focus on strategic foresight and extremism prevention.

Before joining GPPi, Lea worked as an intern for the Zentrum für Militärgeschichte und Sozialwissenschaften der Bundeswehr (Center for Military History and Social Sciences of the Bundeswehr), where she researched Germany’s involvement in Afghanistan. She also completed a Fellowship in War Studies at the Institute for the Study of War in Washington, DC.

Lea is currently pursuing her master’s degree in War and Conflict Studies at Potsdam University. She received her bachelor’s in Liberal Arts and Sciences at University College Maastricht with a concentration on International Relations and History.

Languages: English, German

Areas of Expertise

Peace & Security
Extremism Prevention


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