The Handbook of Global Energy Policy

01 Apr 2013, 
published in 

Recent years have seen energy placed at the top of policy agendas. Against the backdrop of a rise of new consumers such as China and India, climate change and the geopolitical challenges stemming from scarce and unevenly distributed fossil resources, energy policy is now a global concern. The first volume of its kind to focus on global policy perspectives on energy, this comprehensive handbook analyzes the key dimensions of markets, development, sustainability and security. It successfully maps the emerging field of global energy policy for both scholars and practitioners, broadening the discussion beyond the prevalent debates about oil supply.

The volume offers a broad comparison of energy policy challenges faced across the globe by exploring future policy requirements at local, national and international levels. Case studies offer regional perspectives from the viewpoint of major energy producers (Russia, Nigeria and Brazil), emerging energy consumers (China and India), as well as newly-challenged players (the United States and the European Union). The volume brings together the latest research from an international team of scholars and energy policy practitioners, resulting in an invaluable reference source for this fast-growing field.


New technologies and social pressures are transforming the world’s energy markets. Andreas Goldthau makes sense of this shifting landscape in this invaluable new Handbook of Global Energy Policy. It offers the big picture as well as excellent new essays focused on key topics oil exploration and production contracts, fiscal regimes for natural resource exporters, and the emerging tensions between food and the production of biofuels. Particularly interesting is the handbook’s treatment of emerging topics in the global natural gas industry and the possible future roles for renewable energy supplies. Throughout it is balanced and well-informed.”

David Victor, University of California, San Diego

The book is now available from Amazon DE, UK, US.